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Building your child's
future together.

Perl Greenfeld, certified speech-language pathologist, is the clinical director of Blocks Speech and Language Clinic. Since she graduated, she worked in various different settings. Her goal was always to upgrade the quality of life of her clients and their families. Perl is compassionate, sensitive and fun.


Perl is recognized as a skilled and competent professional by her colleagues, by other professionals, by schools, and by parents. She continues to enhance her knowledge and keeps abreast of all the latest scientific research in her professional field.


Perl's specialty is in the field of treating children with autism. She remedies speech disorders, stuttering or apraxia and helps children who have difficulty understanding social language. She has already evaluated and treated hundreds of children suffering from multiple verbal and language problems.

In her role as a service manager, she is directly involved in each case handled by the Blocks clinic. She works closely with her speech-language pathologist team and with you, the parents, to ensure a promising future where the child reaches his full potential.

Our goal at Blocks Speech and Language Clinic is to be accommodating and flexible to help you schedule services at the most convenient time. We offer home sessions, school visits, and sessions at the clinic. We also have options of late afternoon or weekends. Services are offered in English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, and Yiddish.

A little about us.

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