Friendship Club 2019


Kiddo Active Therapy and Blocks Speech and Language Clinic are excited to announce the

second edition of our Friendship Club! Looking ahead to a fun filled summer we are gearing

up to offer children an opportunity to experience an intensive social skills building program.

This club has been designed to help children increase their understanding and use of social

pragmatic language and self-regulation skills with their peers. Children will be in groups of up

to 5 similar aged peers and spend the morning participating in sensory-motor play activities,

group games, art activities and outdoor play with an emphasis on language and self-regulation.

The program will be overseen by an occupational therapist and a speech and language pathologist,

with the assistance of occupational therapy and speech and language pathology students to monitor

the groups and assist with planned activities. 


Who is this club for:

  • Children aged 3-11 who are able to communicate verbally but struggle with everyday

       social skills and friendships.



  • Groups of 5 children. 

  • Groups will be for children ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-11.




Group one: July 1-12, 2019 – 9:00am to 12:00pm Monday-Friday 

Group two: July 15-26, 2019- 9:00am to 12:00pm Monday-Friday




Drop off and pick up will be at 845 Querbes, Outremont unless otherwise indicated on the schedule

handed out on the Monday of each session. Depending on the weather, the Friendship Club will meet

at or walk to local parks and play areas. 




$1000 per 2 week cycle 

Receipts will be provided for insurance and/or income tax purposes.

Child should have:


- Comfortable play clothing appropriate to the daily weather


- Water bottle and morning snack


- A backpack with a cap and sunscreen for outdoor play


- Running shoes


- Labels on everything brought to Friendship Club




Registration will be accepted by email, mail or in person. To reserve your spot, half the fee amount

is due with the completed registration form. The balance is due at the registration deadline of June 1, 2018.  


Receipts will be provided at the last session.


Registration form attached below. 


Other Information:


Children who are not currently receiving services through either Kiddo Active or Blocks are welcome

to join the Friendship Club. Should this be the case a representative will reach out to you to plan for

a mandatory screening with parent and child. This is required to assure that the group is the ideal

fit for your child as each group is organized to be cohesive to the best of our abilities. 




 Kiddo Active Therapy and Blocks Speech and Language Clinic cancellation policy for groups:

  • In the case of cancellation prior to the registration deadline, a full refund will be granted.

  • In the case of cancellation past the registration deadline, a refund of 50% of the fees will be


  • In the case of cancellation after the first session, no refund will be granted, unless the therapists’

      decide that the group is not the right fit for the child. 

  • In the case of bad weather, the session will be held indoors. 

  • Information will be provided via email the day of the session if there is a cancellation. 






The registration deadline for this group is June 1, 2019.  


Please contact us at 514-974-5258 or or 

for more information.  

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