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Blocks Therapy is a full-service, bilingual speech and language therapy clinic in Montreal.

I want to empower my child
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Is your child or student struggling with

Developing vocabulary and using specific words?
Speaking clearly and articulating sounds?
The ability to produce longer, more complex sentences?
Reading slowly, confusing sounds, hating reading?
Difficulty understanding and following instructions?
Making/maintaining friends and getting social cues?
Watching a child in distress due to speech, language or social struggles is painful.
Helping them overcome their struggles and reach their full potential is gratifying.

We are here to help.

At Blocks Therapy your child or student is in competent hands.

Perl Greenfeld


Perl Greenfeld,

Founder, Clinical director

Certified SLP
13 Years experience in general practice
8 Years experience leading a team

Welcome to the Blocks family.

At the heart of what I do is really getting to know you and your families. I’m all about understanding your specific needs, keeping tabs on your progress and of course cheering you on every step of the way. Together we make the journey awesome.

Tailored, comprehensive solutions for successful communication

Individual therapy
Social skills groups
Daycare and school service
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Summer camp

Intensive 2-4 week program


Social Thinking methodology

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"Group sessions were ideal for our child"
We started with the Blocks speech program in 2017 on the recommendation of the Mackay Centre. Right at the start, I envisioned private lessons. However, the group sessions were ideal for our child. We plan to continue with Blocks without reservation until our son has completed his high school requirements. We are truly grateful and highly value the advice and understanding provided by the therapy program.

Sameena Iqbal

"Create and adapt work to his age and capabilities"
Perl is amazing.  She's been working with my son weekly, and there has been substantial improvement each week.  She was able to create and adapt work to his age and capabilities. My son looks forward to seeing her every week.

Nimah Ali

"Enthusiastic and knowledgeable professionals"
If you are looking for a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable professionals within the context of speech therapy, I highly recommend Blocks. We have had nothing but world-class care and support for our son. Practical applications, second-language integration, and a personal approach are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the strategies that Mrs. Greenfeld and her staff use.

Jonathan deClet

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Laying the foundation for a bright future is as simple as 1-2-3

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Written report
Plan of action

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Goal oriented

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Continuous evaluation
Documented progress
Celebrate successes

In case you are wondering:

Is speech therapy covered by RAMQ?
Do I need a doctor's referral?
Is speech therapy covered by insurance?
What is the Quebec allowance for integration into childcare?
What is the Disability Tax Credit?
I want the best for my child
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